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Syracuse Garden Club Board of Directors


Bonnie Jones,  Co-President

Lisa Sasser,  Co-President

Deb Meyer,  1st Vice President

Jean Kimber, Recording Secretary

Deede van der Mandele, Assistant Recording Secretary

Nancy Watt, Corresponding Secretary

Zalie Linn, Treasurer

Anne Endries, Assistant Treasurer

Susan Clark & Deede van der Mandele,  Program Co-Chairs

Mary Pat Oliker,  Club Administrator


Christine Lozner, Archives & Historian

Jeanne Jackson , Awards

Executive,   Bulletin

Lisa Sasser, Communications

Judy Larter & Mary Connor , Conservation & NAL

Susan Estabrook, Flower Show

Peggy Hastings, Founders Fund

Patty Hale, Garden History & Design

Maggie Cook & Pam Ellis, Horticulture

Susan Estabrook, Photography

Susan Clark & Deede van der Mandele Program

Jeanne Jackson , Scholarship

Charleen Stehle, Visiting Gardens & Trips


Lucia Whisenand, Bylaws & Parliamentarian

Bonnie Jones. Civic Projects

Gayonne McDonald, Dark Aisle at Lorenzo

Connie Palumb, Locktender's Garden

Connie Palumb, Oakwood Cemetery

Caroline Brust, Email Chairman

Zalie Linn, Finance

Nancy Mercer, Hospitality

Lisa Sasser & Deb Meyer,  Membership

Executive, Newsletter & Website

Bonnie Jones, Nominating Committee

Connie Palumb, SGC - FGCNYS Study Group

Gail Meagher, Ways & Means

Mary Pat Oliker, Yearbook

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