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1991    Syracuse Garden Club for the Locktender's Garden at the Eric Canal Museum 


1994     Nancy Knoff

1997     Nancy Knoff: Judge Emeritus


1996     Peggy Hastings                 Creative Leadership

1996     Syracuse Garden Club     Historic Preservation

1998     Faith Knapp                       Historic Preservation

2004     Joanne Cowan                   Creative Leadership

2010     Nan Berger                        Zone III Directors Award

2016     Neil Murphy                      Conservation Commendation

2017     Nan Berger                        Zone III Appreciation Award


1976     Margaret Bynum, Medal of Merit

1983     Nancy Knoff, Medal of Merit

1984     Faith Knapp, Medal of Merit

1989     Eleanor Cooper, Historic Preservation

1990     Anne Hartt-Barbey, Horticulture Award

1990     Faith Knapp, Conversation Award

1998     Nan Berger, Certificate of Appreciation

1998     Joanne Cowan, Medal of Merit

1998     Katherine Hansen, Flower Arranging Certificate

1999     Nan Dorr, Flower Arranging Certificate

1999     Lisi Schafer, Certificate of Appreciation

1999     Nancy Whiting, Medal of Merit

2000     Ruth Hancock, Medal of Merit

2000     Elizabeth Wallace, Flower ARranging Certificate

2001     Beryl Digney, Medal of Merit

2001     Letty Murray, Historic Preservation
2001     Anne Hartt-Barbey, Certificate of Appreciation

2002     Zalie Linn, Conservation Award

2002     Sara Thompson, Certificate of Appreciation

2003     Nan Berger, Medal of Merit

2003     Graham Egerton, Horticulture Certificate of Acknowledgement to Non-Members

2006     Patty Hale, Certificate of Appreciation

2007     Nan Door, Certificate of Appreciation

2014     Gail Meagher, Club Appreciation Award

2019     Mary Pat Oliker, Medal of Merit


2004     Jim Opela, Community Award

2008     Jean Greene, Community Award

2008     Ruth Hancock, President's Award

2008     Peggy Hastings, Community Award

2009     Pam Luchsinger, Community Award

2010     Judy Poltenson, Certificate of Merit

2011     Emmanuel Carter, Community Award

2011     Bill Grevelding, Community Award

2012     Christine Lozner, Certificate of Merit

2013     Dudley Breed, Community Award

2013     Dave Kirby, Community Award

2013     Dan Stricker, Community Award

2014     Sylvia Bouscaren, Certificate of Appreciation

2014     Peg Feldmeier, Certificate of Appreciation

2014     Ruth Hancock, Certificate of Appreciation

2014     Letty Murray, Certificate of Appreciation

2014     Libby Secor, Certificate of Appreciation

2015     Downtown Committee, Community Award

2016     Patty Hale, Certificate of Appreciation

2017     Carol Porter,  Club Appreciation Award

2017     Charleen Smith Stehle, Club Appreciation Award

2018     Anne Endries, Club Appreciation Award

2019     Janine Golub,  HIstoric Preservation Award


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